《the visit》GOOD SHOW


《我想死》正式開 始執戲,一切尚算 on track,希望以後下去,一切順利。







晚上往看正場的《the visit》,整體比 preview 好多了,看到了大家都在努力的感覺真好,完 show 後在 tech-en 瘋癲的拍照。




冷不防 total 的一句:「我期待下一次再來時,是在你完 show 後跟你拍照,真的。」




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  1. Thx for sharing and asking.

    Don’t worry , u will have chance on stage very soon…….

    but only can be ” MOTHER “‘s character.


    keep oil. it’s still far away for u to learn about being a good ( just good, not professional ) actress.
    U are good now, but can be much much better.
    And That’s the reason why u come into HKAPA , isn’t it ?!

    NEVER GIVE UP and try ur BEST.

  2. Johnny, THANKS so much, u burst me into tears again…
    thanks for the production of 《夢‧路》,
    it will always remind me for the rest of my life the reason why i come to APA, and push me move forward and forward.

    i will rele try my VERY BEST and hope, one day, i will get a compliment from u!
    (u know, it’s always hard to get just one line of comliment from u harsh director~~~!!!! :P)

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